Angel   //   Melvin Moya 

  • ​He began at age 7 to sing as a soloist where he had more than 400 events in a year

  • She belonged to the Rock group Final Existence

  • He has been a singer of popular merengue groups in Puerto Rico such as Grupo La Fuerza, Aldo Matta and Llave Maestra, Grupo Melaza, Freskoman, Grupo El Fuego among others.

  • Singing with the greatest exponents of tropical music

  • He was a youth pastor, worship leader, and assistant bishop in the state of Connecticut, USA.

  • He has traveled to different countries as a preacher, singer, and conferences t in the last 16 years

  • His first production Tan Solo Confía was sold almost entirely in just 4 days after its release on the market in its first run where he is a composer and music producer

  • The secular media of Puerto Rico welcomed him openly supporting his music

  • So Solo Confía was nominated for the best production of the year

  • The song Tan Solo Confía was in the first 3 places of position in different radio stations in the United States, South America, Mexico and Spain

  • Not only has he performed in churches and Christian events, but has also been noted for his presentations on secular platforms.

  • In the last 6 years he has been part of different worship groups, choirs, knight leader, teacher, preacher among others of English speakers

  • He is currently promoting second bilingual production

  • You Love Me (You Love Me)

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